Today, we honor all veterans who have bravely served our country. Please join us in giving them the respect and recognition they deserve.


Test Tribute

- Matthew
My Grandpa, Mitch Medina

Thank you for your bravery and service to our country. Grateful for you, Grandpa Mitch

- Crystal


- Matthew
Leonard Newell

A huge THANK YOU for your service Leonard!!! He is a strong man and a survivor, just had triple bypass as well as double lung transplant surgery!!! One of the strongest people I know!!! Love you!!!!

- Malinda
PSCS (ret.) Bernie DeSelm

My Dad modeled service and devotion, serving a cumulative 40 years in the USCG. Thanks Dad!

- Michael
Brandon Buscher

He is a Marine hero - to family, friends, his unit. Loyal, still giving back in National Guard - always there for family - great Dad!

- Kim
Richard Stephens

I always called dad My Favorite Veteran. He served 3 tours in Vietnam and won the Bronze Star. I'm always thankful for his service.

- Chris
Brandon Carrizales

We’re all so proud of you for serving our country! We are forever grateful for you! We love you bunches!

- Brandon
Ace Cozzalio

Always my hero!

- Chrissa
Sean Golden

My husband joined the Army in 2004. He served in Iraq. He passed away June 16th. He battled with depression and PTSD for many years. He is resting easy now in Infantry heaven. He scarified so much!

- Sean
Mike Stephens

My two favorite veterans are in Heaven now, but I'll always celebrate them. Mike was a Navy veteran who served on the USS Enterprise. Miss him always.

- Chris
Adam Wencke

To our family’s very own hero! While it may seem hard being your “platoon” at times, you keep us in-line & are the backbone of our not so little family. We are #bettertogether & so happy you are ours!

- Rebekah
LT. Colonel Lowell Closner

Thank you for always believing in me grandpa and teaching me that it doesn’t matter who or what you are you can do anything you put your mind too. Till Valhalla grandpa

- Letty
Christopher McCalla

Husband and Father who spent 20 years in the Air Force and deployed many times as a medic attached to various units. We appreciate everything you've done and continue to do. Love you.

- Erin
Marc Vallee

Love you! And thank you for your service!!!

- Ashley
First Sergeant Scott Woodring

For years you put your life on the line for our safety and freedoms. We all miss you so much. I wish we had known how bad your demons were, we would have done anything to help you through it

- Sandi

Joey is my son. He is A1C and currently is a first responder for the USAF and also serves as a volunteer FF near his FDS. He is on his first deployment.

- Angelyn
All who served! Loo,slaven, Pasqual,Ness and McCoskey

To all who served. I salute each and every one of you! From my grandfather in WWII to my those who are enlisting today. Fair winds and following sea! We will not forget your sacrifice! Thank you all!!

- Martin
Floyd Landis

Dad, Thank you for your service!! You did great raising me!! IGY6 I have always looked up to you. You are a great example of a soldier, human being, and father. Thank you

- Jamie
Darrell L. Burch Sr.

This is my father in law he served for 23 years in the Air Force. He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren he is the best grandfather a daughter in law could ask for. And the best father in law!

- Brandi
Jacob Robinson

Badasz Mofo. 🫡🤘

- John
dallas fly

I selected myself because after four failed suicide attempts I finally realized that I didn't want to die. There are people out there that I can talk to and they will listen. No more dark place.

- dallas
Thomas W Jones

To my dad, who lived a peaceful quiet life after his time in Navy. I am so proud of him for all his accomplishments and for serving our country. Dad, I miss you and I love you so very much!

- Christine
Tyler McClure

To an amazing husband, father, son and friend - we are all so lucky to have you. Thank you for your service to our country and for every sacrifice you have made. We love you and are so proud of you.

- Karen
Bobby L Ross

Bobby was my big brother. He did lots of things throughout his life. One of them was joining the army reserves right out of high school. He lost his battle July 25, 2023. missed by all who loved him.

- William
Enos D. Evans

Enos was a dedicated soldier and husband. Enos is missed very much. I always looked up to my late husband when he worked at the Army Hospital, now being a nurse I see why he was so dedicated.

- Melinda
E-6 SSG Tijay Steward

I want to honor my cousin SSG Steward for his continued service to our US Army and Country. I am happy to have him to call family, and I am grateful for him and many others like him. Love ya TJ!

- Angel
Martin Edwards

Martin is one of the most amazing people I know who selflessly chose to do one of the most difficult jobs in the world...there are days when things are hard but every day he chooses to push through.

- Amber
Brian Barber Sr.

Thank you for always putting others before yourself. We appreciate you for your service in the Marine Corps, and your Community through MissionFISH. WE LOVE YOU!

- Jessica
MSgt Octavio Montalvo Jr.

We love and miss him very much. He will keep him alive in our hearts always.

- Nancy
Bruce Richmond

My Dad, my best friend, My HERO. Throughout the years I was always so proud of you you stood 12 ft tall. Effects of Agent orange took you. But you will remain my Hero 4/30/40-8/21/23. Miss you Dad

- Brenda
Keith Johnson

the first one to help a friend in need. and kicking cancers ass this year! the Army was lucky to have you, we are lucky to have you as a hero!

- Becca
Angelena Gienapp

Dear Sister, You made a commitment so young. You have bravely been in Japan sailing the sea. You are my youngest sister but my biggest hero. I love you so much

- Kristen
Brenda Thurmond

You retired from the Army then continued service as a veterans Service Officer. You are respected for your selfless service to others. I’m so proud to call you my wife

- David
Samuel Rivera

Samuel Rivera, our incredible father, joined the Navy in 1973 and served for 4 years. It is an honor to call our Dad our Hero. He served as the most dedicated, caring, and selfless dad. We love you!!!

- Sam’s Children
Allen Dye

I think about you every single day. You were a very special person, and were so loved by those around you. Join Stop Soldier Suicide, to honor my Uncle Allen who we lost to the silent battle.

- Sarah
Col. Melita McCully, US Army retired

Col. McCully paved the way for women in Army command at tactical units at every echelon of the US military at a time when women were integrated into the regular army. She was a trailblazer.

- Rachel
Charles Kuntz

Uncle Charlie you were and amazing man and I thank the gods for your 30 plus years! Sr.Chief USNavy Subs

- Robert
Lucas Parcher

Lucas spent 4 years serving in the USMC. We thank him for his hard work, dedication, and service.

- Elizabeth
Matthew Hinkley

My Son My Hero

- Don
Stephen Foster Heine-Butler

My sweet son loved the US Army. He devoted his entire Middle school and high school career to the JROTC joining the Army at 17 and serving until his passing March 22. Forcer missed always loved.

- Terri
Harold M Rogers

My brother, my best friend we lost him in 2017. Never knew he was struggling so bad. He served in Panama and Grenada he was special forces in the Army. Love and miss him terribly

- Amy
Debra A Driggers

I went I to Psychology to those who can not help themselves. I made it through Hell, not every is that lucky. There is help out there...

- Debra A
Leonard Riegel

My Father fought in WWII. He was stationed here in the US on several Army bases. He also served in the European Theater. One of his assignments was to drive one of the Sr. Officers around.

- Louise
Glenn French

A true hero, served in the US and Israeli Armies.

- Uriel
David Caruso

Thank you for all you have sacrificed and continue to do for our family. We Love You

- Mandi
Amy Smuk

Thank you Amy for serving your country and working so hard as a young military woman. You sacrificed so that others may live in freedom.

- Anonymous
Joe J. Schroder

Thank you for your service and for everything you do in our community. The USCG is made stronger because of hard-working members like you. I love you so much, Joe ~Love The Brice~

- Brice
Marty Terrell

I salute you brother.

- David
Richard o bourassa

This man served in the US army signal core stationed in Germany,winning a few awards for his work. Putting his life on the line for us all. Love you Dad

- Aaron
Chief Nicholas Klark Perkins

Not only was he dedicated to his Naval Career but he was our son’s father. Now that we are a Gold Star family we are blessed to have a piece of him with us in our child. He was a good man who’s missed

- Melissa
Carl Felton Jr

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. I think our lives would have been very different, in a good way, had you survived.

- Beth
Col Tom Ritz USA, LtCol Jack Amberg USA, SGT. Phil Valdez USMC, LtCol Joe Wintersteen

We are a vets group that gets together every month or so, and we all went to high school together. These fellows are amazing patriots and support to our group. We discuss everything and anything.

- Martin

He was my best friend, he loved helping everybody, he loved doing landscaping and loved spending time with his family and friends.

Lieutenant Colonel David A..Gale, USAF (Ret.)

My love, I am sending this tribute to you through Heaven's gate....although you have slipped the earthly bonds & gone to Heaven, you were, are, and will always be my own real-life HERO! Your baby xo

- Allison
Robert C Newkirk

This was my father ,Retired CmSgt Robert C. Newkirk USAAF and USAF 1945 to 1969 Hey lived a great life and ,I was so lucky to have him as a father he passed away on August 25, 2010 .Always proud h

- John
Army SPC - Airbourne Ranger, Richard Corey Mac McInnis

To my precious big brother CORE, I miss you terribly & love you with my whole heart!!!! You are gone, but NEVER forgotten! You were, are & always will be my own real-life HERO! You're my guardian an

- Allison
John Franklin Shafer

In life you were loved and in death 12/26/23 you are missed daily. Thank you for your dedicated service.

- Sigrid K.
Edward M. Alvarez

we were only married a short time but we had a great 20 years together! Love you to the moon & back!

- Pat
Ashley Teaster Dawson

To my inspiring aunt, a veteran who served with grace and courage, thank you for being my role model. You're extraordinary.

- Erika
Aaron Helmrich

Aaron you have been a leader and a great friend. You have been through it all and no we all could not imagine as a American Soldier for Recon 701. Thank you for your service! 🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲❤️

- Francine
Steven Parker

This is my father who served in the United States Navy. He joined right out of high school in hopes of pursuing a better life. Steve got to see the world, meet new people and serve his country proudly

- Kimberly
Christopher Sandri

Christopher is my son and I am so proud of him. He was in the infantry and was injured by a I'd that blew up his tank. He is so brave and such a special man. He has worked so hard on his issues.

- Pamela
George Putnam

My stepdad was the kindest and best dad ever! He served in several wars and had to do things that were horrible. My respect is for my DAD. Thank you Dad...Miss you.

- Dyana
George Putnam

My stepdad was the kindest and best dad ever! He served in several wars and had to do things that were horrible. My respect is for my DAD. Thank you Dad...Miss you.

- Dyana
Joseph A. Warren

My daddy. Never met a stranger, and the one who brought my love of the medical field to life. He was a medic in the Army and served in Operation Desert Storm. He was my hero. I love you, daddy.

- Chelsea
Joseph Bourgouin

My Dad was my hero growing up and he still is today. He was in the Army for 20 years serving in Korea two times and Vietnam. He loved his family as much as we loved him.

- Jennie
Jimmy Paul Hooks

This my husband i pay tribute to him he went to Afghan for a year came home safe he passed away in January 2022.Due to covid he a good husband a father to kids and grandchildren he will be miss

- Judie
Alexander Rodriguez

My amazing husband Your missed by so many . I miss your smile your amazing heart and everything about you. He lives on in other people now through organ donation. I love you.

- Abigail
Rob Caudill

Our family is so proud of our Veteran. Even through all his daily struggles he is there for not only us, but other vets. I am in awe of his strength and determination. We love him more than he knows.

- Beth
Christa Scott

Christa, You are amazing. You balance being down to earth while embracing the courage, knowledge & grace to step away from your love, friends & life to serve our country. Sending Angels with you...

- Danielle
Brad Irwin

Thank you for the friendship and years of service in support of our nation. You are a good man, and a great father!

- Ben
Carl Anthony McLaughlin

Carl served in the Army. He was discharged because he suffered from PTSD and all the things that go along. Please help me to honor him in his service that ultimately lead to his suicide in 2013.

- Terry
Noah Smith

My son joined the Army at age 17. He is truly my right hand man. He is always so helpful to the entire family. His endurance and dedication make us all proud.

- Michele

Thank you to all the magical heroes and their families who go out there everyday to do more and be more. You know always know right where you have to be to do the most good; keep on doing it !!

- Christie
Ret. Col. Paul H. Mize

My grandfather, 101st AB, 327 GIR. Also my dad, Leslie Storer, 5th RRU, Thailand 60-62ish

- Patrick
Bobby L Ross

Bobby was my older brother. One of things he accomplished during his life was joining the National Guard. He lost his battle with the darkness 07/25/23. Is dearly missed.

- Will
John Edward Solenberger

My Grandpa who served in the Navy during World War II. He was a quiet, hard working and loving man. I’m so proud to be his grand daughter. This photo was taken when he came home briefly on leave.

- Misty
Matthew Clark

To my husband Matthew, Thank you for your service. Thank you for everything you do for our family. We love and appreciate you so much. Semper Fi Teufel Hunden

- Jennie
Donald Carl Berry

This is my military photo. My father was KIA Vietnam 1969.

- Donald
Angela Dezelle-Douglas

I would like to honor my Mom Angela Douglas USAF Veteran, she is the bravest and most hard working person for others I know, and I am Super proud of her!

- Alanna
John Edward Solenberger

My Grandpa who served in the Navy during World War II. He was a quiet, hard working and loving man. I’m so proud to be his grand daughter

- Misty


- Nick
Colonel Jo Carol (JC) Terry,USA Retired

I honor the selfless service and memory of a great soldier, leader, friend and partner.

- Melita
Jaimz Andrews

I’m proud that my husband joined the military to protect our rights and freedoms. His commitment and service to our nation makes me proud and I am grateful for his sacrifices. #USAF

- Allison
Jacob A. Thomas

Keep your eyes and head on a swivel and come home soon so we can go hunting

- Aaron
Alberto P.

I am so Proud to have a friend who served our country with honor. I want to you to know that you service and sacrifice have not gone unnoticed. Thanks for being there for Rally and for myself.

- John
Brian Johnson

Brian is the most selfless and hardworking person I know. I am proud of him every single day and am so thankful for the sacrifices he has made!

- Kelsie
Hunter T.

I like to Thank you for serving this great country but also those of the Community of Rally Point. We Salute You!!!

- John
Tim C.

I want to thank you for you service to this country but also that to the community of Rally Point. We Salute you!!!!

- John
Chris T.

Even though you think it, you're never alone. Thank you from me and Rally Point for you Service..

- John

As the entertainer in the crowd, you're always surrounded by people who care. Thanks from Rally Point and myself for your service.

- Rachel
Shawn S.

Even after trying times, you're a Steadfast Friend. Thank you for being there as friend and your service.

- John
Ray RP

Thank you for creating a place for veterans to get together, share a hobby, and cope with life after service. I salute you. Thank you for everything.

- Rachel

On this Veterans Day, I want you to know that your service and sacrifice have not gone unnoticed. Thank you.

- Rachel
Bobby RP

It’s veterans like you who have made this country great. So grateful to be an American. Thank you.

- Rachel
Ryan Looper

Ryan, I am so proud of you! I am honored to call you my husband, my best friend, but most of all I am so honored to call you a veteran! I love you! Happy Veteran's Day

- Valarie
Jamon Frazier

My Son was my first Love. I enjoyed watching him grow and learn and make decisions that made me proud including joining the U.S. Army.

- Daveena
Thomas G. Cosola

My world will never be the same without you. You've been gone a year and it still does not seem real. You are forever loved, deeply missed... and always my Tommy.

- Christina
Matt Cartier

Matt is my HERO. He is always available to lend an ear when I need it. He has helped me navigate life when I need direction. He is my BROTHER.

- Rich
Bob Locke

Thank you for being a string but humble man and for serving your country proudly, you have seen and been through more than we can ever imagine!

Charles Dixon

Grandpa even though we never met, I know you are always with me. Love always and forever.

- Colin
1SGT Kimber Todd Roberts

1SGT Roberts continuously devotes himself to the people around him. He has always shown extreme patriotism to the United States and its citizens.

- Peyton
Brandon Sheline

For all the hardwork and dedication.

- Brandon
Donald Lewis Sanders

My Grandpa served in the Vietnam War. He was a well-rounded, level-headed man that bled Red, White & Blue. He sadly passed in Februaryof 2011 from Agent Orange that he contracted in the Vietnam War.

- Melista
Todd Pinkler

Congratulations to my brother in law, Todd Pinkler, for his retirement after 21+ years in service. Todd was a Reconnaissance Marine who retired as a Master Sergeant.

- Sam
Gerald Campbell

He is my grandfather and I am so proud of him and love him. He has all my respect and is a major part of my life.

- James

My son is my hero. He has always managed to be the voice of reason and done the right thing no matter what the situation. He has always had a mind of his own and been very driven to be successful.

- Kimberly
Ian, Sandy, Joseph Jr, Joseph III

I love you all so very much and I can't never thank you enough for the sacrifice you have made for this country. I miss you Joe. May God watch over you as you have watched over us.

- Millie
Dad and Kenny!

My dad and my brother are my heroes, and my favorite veterans! They’re both extremely selfless and take their responsibilities very seriously. Going into the same exact career field in the Air Force!

- Brook
Gyst Bud Wass

Thanks dad for all you did for me, miss you daily.

- Matt
Christopher Lee Clark

Remembering & Missing You Always. A Marine, a Son, BEST Father & Husband Anyone Could Ask For ! Our Hero.

- Monica
J.R. Starts

My wonderful husband was an amazing stepfather to my kids and a great husband to me. He was our strength and our support through everything. He passed 9-30-23. He is missed and loved deeply 🖤❤️

- Glenda
Jacob Terrill

My brother, in more ways than one, you have lead by example and been an inspiration. While we haven't fought on the same battlefields our goal is common. Thank you, for your service.

- Scott
Donnie Lee Swartz

Served in the United States Army for 20+ years before his passing in 2019. He is what you would call a great hero and role model for the younger generations. He's very caring and offers best advice.

- Eugene
John Motel

For serving his country for over 20 yrs

- stephaine
James G. Epley

Jim was more than a man, he was a marine. He did 2 tours in Vietnam, one stationed in Da Nang. When he got out, he became a police officer for 25+ years. Jim was my Grandfather. Semper Fi Marine.

- William
J.L. Payne

To my uncle who I never got a chance to meet, thank you for your ultimate sacrifice to this country. We will never forget and will honor your memory forever.

- Carol
Eric Sowa

Happy Veteran's Day, Eric! We are so grateful for you and your commitment to serve our country. We love you.

- Stephani
Scott Van Gilder

Happy Veteran's Day, Scott. Your family is so proud of you. Thank you for your service. We love you!

- Stephani
Tim Schudel

Best man I’ve ever known and I get to call him father

- Timmy
James Wood

Thank you for your 22 years of service!! Thank you for your selflessness and honorable integrity!! And thank for always being the one who holds us together.

- Kim
SGT Christopher j Hirsch

To my loving husband thank you for everything you have done for our country miss and love you

- Jill
Sgt. Juan Gonzalez Marroquin

Once a soldier, always a soldier. Thank you for your service! Sgt. Gonzalez US Army 3rd Infantry Division Rock of the Marne We love you.

- Sophie-Kitty-Mayari
Ben Currie

Ben is my only son who unfortunately took his own life on 3/19/23 due to complications from PTSD. He was loved by his family tremendously and left a beautiful 2 year old daughter

- Sally
Guy Hanna (retired Captain Marine Corp)

Thank you for your support of your family and Country!

- Hilary
Blake Dominguez

You are my hero! You inspire me every day to be a better person. You have touched the lives of so many people and continue to make everyone smile every day. You deserve the world, I love you.

- Emily
Christine McNair

I’m giving tribute to myself and all that has served, still serving, and will serve in the future. It truly was an honor for me to serve my country in the United States Army.

- Christine
SFC. Dax Mitchell Gary

Brother we thru hell and back! Even had tougher enemy when we got back! We wrote music because we couldt talk, we drank because we didn't know how to deal. Your the reason I'm still here Hoooahh!!!!!

- Nick
Stephen Webster Snyder

My Dad was a combat veteran from Vietnam. He was unfailing kind, loyal and strong. In honor of him, I want to thank all of our veterans, and especially our Vietnam veterans!

- Marcella
Fred Flores

To everyone who has severe in the military. I give thanks and appreciation for serving our country thank you for all that have served. My grandfather was my hero he was given a purple heart 💜

- Danielle
Matthew Russell

Thank you for your service!! Your my best friend and my Hero I love you My Marine

- Autumn
Lawrence Aman

Dad, Thank you for your service of over 2 years in Vietnam. You were brave to enlist & sacrifice your life for all of us. My hope is that we can have peace in our lives.

- Cindy
SFC Trader

SFC Trader was my squad leader in Baumholder, Germany and was very professional and reacted to a situation quickly and helped. I can not thank him enough for being there.

- Melissa
Daniel R Krueger

I lost so many brothers its unreal, and they are the true heros. I'd like to honor those today by submitting a photo of me and my platoon in bootcamp.

- Reaper
Richard Woodward

For all you battled and the love you gave to many. May you always know we love and miss you. Thank you for serving

- Kelly
David FC Blazi

As a retired Army Captain, David has never shrunk or backed down, no matter what obstacles he has faced. Even with the launching of his own business he is determined to succeed as he has in life.

- Edward
Donald Adams

My dad. Backbone of the family and unwavering service to community and country.

- Heidi
Roy Adams

World War 2 veteran

- Heidi
A.C. Stengel

World War 2 veteran

- Heidi
Todd Bricker

Brother IGY6 we don't always talk and we fight like real brothers but I love you. I miss you and so does your god son. Todd I hope you seen this and know I'm sorry for always messing up and I salute U

- Nick
William Fitzhugh

This amazing man was my grandfather who passed away August 2022 at the age of 90. He served his time with the Marines during the Korean War. He was the most genuine man I’ve ever met.

- Kirby
Maj David B Goodale

David was always the leader, with the biggest smile on his face. Nothing was ever too much for my son to do which is why he HAD to be a CRO. He is missed by all his family every day.

- Julie
Russell R. Lawrence

Served in the Army in Belgium as a MP. Completed suicide November 20,2011 at age 50. He was and always will be my hero!!

- Patti
Merritt Bartlett

To my hero, here's to hearing the eagles scream. I love you. Happy veterans day ❤️

- Shannon
Andrew McCasland

To my coastie who always held our family together no matter how far away you were. You're my rock and I'm so proud of everything you have accomplished. I love you so much, happy veterans day!

- Shannon
Frank Levand

My hero is my Dad! He retired from the Air Force as a 30 year Chief! He spent all 30 years as active duty and had a very impressive career! I am beyond proud to be his daughter! Happy Veteran's Day!

- Shalis
SPC RoyBrooks Mason II

My Son, My Hero. He is the Ultimate, the Best, the most Humble person I know. I'm so Proud of him. I miss him dearly. Love Mom

- Debbie
Taylor Tsitsilianos

Thank you for your sacrifice. I will never know the pain or the struggle because of men and women like you. Thank you for everything. Today I commit my workout of 1000 weight step ups to you.

- Jaclyn
Roy Benavidez

his bravery and care for fellow soldiers is an example for all of us to follow.

- Pamela
James redmore

I love you papa and thank you for serving to keep us safe. You’re my hero.

- Victoria"
Collin Nesbitt

My favorite Hero - thank you for your service and sacrifice

- April
Kurtis Bishop

My love, thank you so much for your service. I am so very proud of you and everything you have accomplished in your 8 years of service. I can’t wait to see what else you go after and accomplish. Ily!

- Erika
Melanie Ann Caldwell

Heres to my hero and Veteran. You are amazingly strong and beautiful! I love you baby!

- Dalton
Steven Daughtery

My niece and nephew will always know you as a hero.

- Rikki

Captain Murga, your memory is helping us raise money for Stop Soldier Suicide and to create awareness of Stop Soldier Suicide as a resource to those who suffer with PTSD. AUSTIN'S ARMY!!

Jonathan Spaeth

Jonathan is currently serving his second tour in the Army every generation in The Spaeth family has served we believe in something bigger than ourselves and what do do our part.

- John
Sgt Joshua Tipton

My nephew was one of the most selfless people in this world,he exemplified being good to others in all circumstances. We miss him everyday. We will never heal from losing him #SoOthersMayLive

- Darlene
Richard Frank Small

To my Grampa that raised me, He was in the Marine Corp. Witch led to me joining the US Army. This man set a great example of how to be a great man and instilled into me a set of Values that make a Man

- Matthew
All of them

As an immigrant the freedom provided to me and my spouse is because of your courage and sacrifice , you'll never be forgotten in our house ❤️🤍💙🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 God Bless you All

- Jacqueline
Gerald Walters (Grandpa)

I miss you each and everyday. I love you and always will. You are with me everyday to guide me. You and grandma both!

- Amanda
Candice Person

Thank you for all your hard work and bravery in service to our country. You are a great citizen and an amazing daughter. I love you. Happy Veterans’ Day!

- Erin
Jason T. Miller

Here’s to one of the finest men I have ever known! Thank you for your service to this great country. You make me very proud to be your mum!

- Dr. Alexis
Jason T. Miller

Here’s to one of the finest men I have ever known! Thank you for your service to this great country. You make me very proud to be your mum!

- Dr. Alexis
Lester Mac McDermand

This is my grandfather who served in the Army during WWII. He was badly wounded with a shot to the hip and walked with a severe limp with a great deal of pain for the rest of his life.

- Terry
Tarek “TK” Bathiche

My husband served 20 years in the Army so I can focus on taking care of the kids at home. Thank you for being the most supportive husband, father, and best friend to us. We love you w all our hearts!!

- Evibeth
Bill Draize

My grandpa knew war was imminent, so he knew he wanted to and did join the Navy. After serving in the Korean War, he never lost his sense of patriotism and instilled that into me! I love you Pop!

- Megan
Kevin and Kelly Hurlbrink

My cousins Kevin’s and Kelly joined eight before and right after 9/11. Kevin was in boot camp when 9/11 happened and one of the first shipped out! I’m so proud of both of you for your service.

- Megan
Tracy T. Hundley

To serve and be taken by Covid 19

- Jeffery
David W.

I want to thank you for serving this great country but also those of the community of Rally Point. We Salute You!!!

- John
Piachang RP.

Want to thank you for serving this great country but also those of the community of Rally Point. We Salute You!!!

- John
Bert C.

As we weren't of the same Branch, I am honor to call you my Brother. Glad We Meet all those years ago.Happy Veterans Day From Me and Rally Point

- John
Joy C.

As we weren't of the same Branch, I am honor to call you my Sister. Happy Veterans Day never change and never stop Smiling.

- John
DrakosKai RP

With gratitude for your role in protecting the sea lanes…and safeguarding America’s freedom abroad. Thank you from everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
Sinister RP

Honoring your service which reflects the long, proud, distinguished legacy of the U.S. Army. Thanks from everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
Michael R

Honoring your service which reflects the long, proud, distinguished legacy of the U.S. Army. Thank you from me and everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
Kevin E

With gratitude for your role in protecting the sea lanes and safeguarding America’s freedom abroad. You helped many of us and I know we never said it enough. Thanks from me and mine to you and yours.

- Rachel
Adam B

Thank you for stepping up and serving this great country, for giving up time with your children and family to help protect the rest of us.

- Rachel
Tracy B

Thank you for stepping up and serving this great country, for giving up time with your children and family to help protect the rest of us. Rest in peace.

- Rachel
Tom F

Honoring your service which reflects the long, proud, distinguished legacy of the U.S. Army. Thank you for everything you sacrificed to help keep us safe.

- Rachel
Rebecca Woodworth

You have been my inspiration, my loving mother, my hero in every aspect of my life. You are the strongest person I know. Thank you for your service momma.

- Samara
David D

With gratitude for your role in protecting the sea lanes…and safeguarding America’s freedom abroad. Thanks.

- Rachel
Kelly N.

As we weren't of the same Branch, I am honor to call you my Brother. Happy Veterans Day From Me and Rally Point

- John
Larry Elliott

My Uncle Larry was a Vietnam vet. The best of the best. Courageous, trustworthy, hilarious, musically skilled. He acted with integrity; always treated others with kindness, thoughtfulness and respect.

- Samantha
Connor Gagnon

I’m so proud of my son for choosing to serve his country. He is brave, generous, and a great leader of others. His work ethic is like no other! I’m so incredibly lucky to have a son like Connor!

- Lisa
Mark Chapin

Mark is Air Force veteran who has 7 children and 15 grandkids. He would do anything to serve his country and shares that pride with his friends and family!

- Tonya
Kenneth Oster

This is my Dad! He is an Air Force veteran who served his country through retirement! Thank you to him for his service!

- Tonya
Dennis Pyell

This is my Uncle Dennis! Thank you to him for his service!

- Tonya
Gene Pyell

This is my Uncle Gene! Served many years in the Navy! Thank you for your service!

- Tonya
Richard Oster

This is my baby brother! Still serving in the Army today! Thank you for your service!

- Tonya
Ronald Oster

This is my oldest brother Ron! Served in many tours overseas! Thank you for your service!

- Tonya
Harold Pyell

This is my Grandpa, Harold! Served on a ship in the Navy during the war. Thank you for your service!

- Tonya
Eugene Oster

This is my Grandpa! He is no longer with us but very grateful for his service!

- Tonya
Brokencowleg RP

Thank you for aiming high — and always staying ready to fly, fight, and win…worldwide. Thank you from the everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
Lowcocat RP

Honoring your service which reflects the long, proud, distinguished legacy of the U.S. Army. Thank you for your service from everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
MSG Grant Smith

On this Veterans Day, I salute my incredible husband, MSG Grant Smith, for 26 years of unwavering dedication to the United States Army and Army Reserves. Your multiple deployments, medals, and awards

- Shana
Retired Major Curtis Drake

Dad, thank you for serving our country for 20 years. Even retired, you’re still my hero!

- Alyssa
CaptainCasual RP

With gratitude for your role in protecting the sea lanes…and safeguarding America’s freedom abroad. Thank you from me and everyone in the Rally Point community.

- Rachel
Daveola210 RP

Saying thanks to one of the few and the proud is more than just a privilege. It’s an honor. Semper Fi! Thank you from all of us at Rally Point for your service.

- Rachel
John R

There aren't enough words to say how thankful I am for your service, both online and irl. Thank you from my family to you and yours; and from the Rally Point crew.

- Rachel
Iceman RP

For the veteran, thank you for bravely doing what you’re called to do so we can safely do what we’re free to do. - From everyone in Rally Point.

- Rachel
Serial RP

You're a stoic stalwart friend. Thank you and your family for all of the sacrifices you made to ensure our freedoms. We salute you. - everyone in the Rally Point community

- Rachel
Ambro RP/GB

Saying thanks to one of the few and the proud is more than just a privilege. It’s an honor. Semper Fi! Thank you for everything you've sacrificed from myself and the entire Rally Point crew.

- Rachel
Patrick Fugate

Thank you for your service of 20 years in the U.S. Army, Dad!

- Ranae
Kent Gipson

Thank you for your 21-years of service in the U.S. Navy, Chief and my friend!

- Ranae
Raymond M Zulaica

My hero made the ultimate sacrifice. He served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. Thank you for my freedom, dad. I miss you.

- Roxanne
bvbeurden RP

Even our veterans across the sea deserve to be honored today. You've always got great pictures of food and you're willing to lend an ear when you've time. Thank you for your service from Rally Point.

- Rachel
TSgt Delmar Munoz

Grateful for my hero, my hubby. Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of resilience, standing tall in the face of adversity, and finding the strength to carry on. Today, I honor your sacrifices.

- Wendy
Alan Yang

To my incredible brother, a true hero. Your bravery, sacrifice, and love truly inspires me. On this Veteran's Day, I honor you with deep gratitude and admiration.

- Wendy
Jason Williams

His love and dedication to his family, country and community knows no bounds.

- Shannon

Thank you for your service. You shoe your grandkids every day that they are worth the sacrifice. I’m so proud of you.

- Lisa

You are a hero to me and our grandsons. Thank you for your service.

- Lisa
GySgt Ryan Siler

My husband, GySgt Ryan Siler, enlisted in the Marines at 18 and bravely defended our country for the next ten years. I am so proud to be your wife .. our kids are lucky to have such an incredible Dad!

- Jenny
GySgt Ryan Siler

I forgot to submit a photo with my original tribute!

- Jenny
Sgt Isaiah M. Vazquez

Isaiah enlisted right after high school in 2018 traveling places and serving his country with pride. Isaiah died in service on 5/12/2022 He reached out for help on 5/02/2022 #stopsoldiersuicide

- Sylari
Van D McCullough

Father in law! Served in Korea! Thank you for your service!

- Tonya
Van C McCullough

Served in WWII. Thank you for your service!

- Tonya
SPC. Butterfield, Tucker J.

I honor my son Tucker by being the things I loved most about him and by being a voice for him and others, “To Overcome For Those Who Couldn’t.”

- Marysue
Bobby LaVan Ross

My older brother was a great man. He didn’t serve as long as you wanted, but he was in the army National Guard for a short while before being discharged for medical reasons.

- Will
Bobby LaVan Ross

My brother was a great man, although he did not serve his full-term in the army National Guard. He wanted to serve medical reasons kept him from completing.

- Will
Bobby L. Ross

Bobby served proud and made a lifelong sacrifice. Thanks brother you are loved by many.

- Amanda
Will Ross

Thanks for serving our country brother. We love you!

- Amanda
Bobby C. Ross

My dad served so proud. God bless the USA.

- Amanda
Tara Cooper

Forever in our hearts

- Ann
Woodrow Dean Lankford

Thankful for his service and dedication to his family and community after WWII.

- Claire
Ricardo Coronel

Chiefy as he is referred to from his 5 grandchildren, is most proud of his military career. Even in the state of advanced dementia, he remembers his love for service and the country he served.

- Melissa
Robbie Myers

Desert Storm Veteran Thank You for Keeping Freedom Alive 🪖⚔️🇺🇸

- Diana
Jason Hinsley

Happy Veterans Day to my Husband - former US Navy Second Class Petty Officer and American Legion Post 488 Vice Commander Jason Hinsley. Thank you for your service ❤️

- Obele
Douglas Michael Day

I miss you every single day. I wish you would have stayed but I know you are out of pain. I love you dearly.

- Kristy

I love you and miss you everyday. I hope you can see how much you truly impacted those around you. Your memory lives on in all of us and I promise you will never be forgotten.

- Amanda
Jake Walter Bryan

My son, a hero, our Man on the Moon! A bright light gone too soon. CPL Jake Bryan brought so much joy to his family and brothers. We hope your dancing and singing up there!

- Alison
Froggy RP

Honoring your service which reflects the long, proud, distinguished legacy of the U.S. Army. Thank you for your service from me and everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
Jbird RP

It’s veterans like you who have made this country great. So grateful to be an American. So proud to call you family. Thank you from everyone at Rally Point.

- Rachel
Wesly Piotrowski

I’m so very proud to call my hero, son. He is currently serving in the US Army. This was this June when this momma first saw him in almost 4 years. ❤️🇺🇸🤍🇺🇸💙

- Renee
Uncle Slugger.

My uncle served in the US Air Force and Army. This was taken for his Honor Flight trip.

- Renee
Rick B

Your sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to our country does not go unrecognized. You fought for our country to be a better place and you face battles every day because of it-I See You.

- Haley
My Dad, Marty Medina

Thank you for your service, sacrifice and stories. Love you and proud to be your daughter!

- Crystal
Ron Green

Ron is a incredible friend and human, who served our country in many ways, during and post-service. Couldn't ask for a better HAT partner. Love ya, Ron!

- Tina
Ginn White

As friends go, he's one of the very best. His service lives through his actions, day in and out. Thank you, Ginn, for the many ways you serve, and the example you set for our kids! Love ya.

- Tina
Dean Graham

To my amazing great grandpa you would have been 100 this year. Knowing me I would have put your candles backwards so it would Read 001 so your are always young in the heart. Happy Veterans Day!

- Liberty
John Graham jr

Happy veterans day dad! I wish you were still with us. I still make a Veterans Day gift every year!

- Liberty
John graham sr

In June of 1968 he received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. On that day, even though he was literally shot in the head just minutes before, he wrapped it up, and continued to bring ammo to others

- Liberty
James and Kenny

Thank you for your service. I am very proud to be a US ARMY VETERAN'S WIFE AND MOM! Love you both!

- Denise
Nate Cote

You will always be our hero! Thank you for your sacrifices. You are special to us today and always. We love you!

- Bree
Richie Hull

Happy Vertans day and thank you for your service baby! You are the best husband, dad, and bonus dad our family could ever ask for or dream of having! We love you dearly!

- Tosha
James Miller

Happy Veterans Day James! You are the best papa and step dad and we love you and thank you for your service!!

- Tosha
SFC Aaron James Weaver

Little brother we miss you every single day and wish you were here❤️ thank you for your service and sacrifice! We love you more than words can say! Life is not the same without you!

- Tosha
Kent Brandt

He’s in the sun, the wind, the rain, he’s in the air you breathe. No more pain, no more fear. He’s in the clouds, you can hear him whisper words of love. Until we are together again.

- Pamela
Victor Felde

He loved his kids unconditionally. The amount of support and love that he gave us all is unexplainable. He was kind hearted amazing man My dad isn't just my hero he is my super hero. R.I.P salute

- Tawnee